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  Stephen E. Ross, Real Estate Consultant

     San Diego
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Net Jobs
Monthly Permits
12 mo Permits
Median Home Price



Employment & Unemployment Trends
Trends in the MSA-level non-farm employment* and unemployment rate* (not-seasonally adjusted).
Net Employment Change
Annual change in month-over-month non-farm employment totals* (not-seasonally adjusted).
Monthly Residential Building Permits
Monthly fluctuations of residential housing permits segmented by single & multi-family units*.

Annual Housing Permit Trends
Moving 12-month residential housing permit totals for single & multi-family units*.
Median Home Prices
Median home price level for existing single-family home sales.

Housing Affordability
Click here for a ranking of 35 markets in terms of the Share of Homes Affordable to the Median Income Earner.

* Most recent reporting period may be preliminary data.

Stephen E. Ross, Real Estate Consultant

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