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Key economic indicators are examined in great detail to support specific analysis and recommendations within individual client reports.  Several are provided here in overview graphs to help you stay abreast of national trends and to place movement of local markets in the proper context. 

Gross Domestic Product
Seasonally-adjusted annual rate change in Real Gross Domestic Product.
Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: U.S. City Average.

Unemployment Rate
Workers 16 years or older, seasonally adjusted.

Unemployment - Initial Claims
Four-week moving average for initial and continued unemployment claims.

Index of Leading Indicators
Index of 10 economic statistics designed to signal turning points in the business cycle.

Quarterly productivity (output per hour worked) in the non-farm business sector.

Corporate Profits
Percent change in quarterly corporate profits, seasonally adjusted.
Personal Consumption Expenditures
Percent change in monthly real personal consumption expenditures.
Real Disposable Personal Income
Percent change in monthly real disposable personal income.
Consumer Confidence
Three measures of consumer confidence as well as consumer sentiment.
New Housing Starts
Monthly national housing starts, seasonally-adjusted annual rate.  For comparison, you can see individual MSA monthly and annual housing permit charts in the MSA-Level Trend section of this website.
Mortgage Rates
30-year conventional fixed rate mortgages, not seasonally-adjusted rates.


Stephen E. Ross, Real Estate Consultant

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