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  Stephen E. Ross, Real Estate Consultant

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We all experience busy periods when expert assistance can better help us meet our deadlines and add to the bottom line.  As a consultant with 20 years of experience in commercial real estate across the country, I can assist you and your firm in meeting your goals. 


To provide commercial real estate analysis, market research, due diligence & forecasting assistance to institutional owners and advisors of multi-family and commercial real estate throughout the United States.   


I specialize in real estate analysis of institutional-grade properties and markets.  Since 2001, I have completed assignments that total more than 22,000 multi-family units and 3.4 million square feet of commercial properties in major U.S. markets.  My background encompasses many years of market research and analysis including numerous assignments for pension fund advisors, REITs and major commercial real estate companies.  My expertise includes:

  • Asset and market analysis for in-house asset management decisions or client/ownership reporting.

  • Due diligence & acquisition analysis, rehabilitation/repositioning studies, feasibility & site analyses, and rent/market forecasting.

  • National, regional and local market evaluation and reporting.

  • Supply and demand analysis of Office, Industrial, Retail, Apartment, and Hospitality markets.

With many years of experience in commercial real estate, including many years working at national brokerage firms and supporting some of the nation's leading brokers, I am able to support clients who are on tight deadlines created in a transaction-driven environment.  In today's competitive and ever-changing real estate markets, clients benefit from my knowledge, experience, and activity in local markets across the U.S.

Contact Information

Whether I'm in my office or traveling on an assignment, you can reach me quickly at the phone number and email addresses below.

(303) 908-9898
Electronic mail*
General Information: info@realestateanalysis.us
Webmaster: webmaster@realestateanalysis.us
Because of Spam web bots, I don't list my primary email address on this web site; however, be assured that your email to either of these addresses will get to me and you'll receive a prompt response.  Thanks, Steve

Stephen E. Ross, Real Estate Consultant

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